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Boiler Inspections 
As per the "Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000", every owner of an espresso machine or other piece of equipment which houses a pressure vessel i.e steam and hot water boiler, must have the pressure vessel and the associated safety systems tested once every 12 months by a qualified surveyor. 
Basically what the surveyor wants to see is inside the vessel, checking for fractures and other signs which could lead to safety issues. He/she also wants to see the boiler fill and heat, continue to heat past normal operating pressure and finally go overpressure and then see the safety valve (where applicable) lift to eradicate the steam quickly and lose the danger of a boiler fracture. A case in a well known supermarket highlighted what can happen when the safety valve fails. 
When the surveyor is happy with the performance of the machine, a certificate will be issued shortly after and should be kept on site, and easily accessible to allow your local Health and Safety Officer or Environmental Health Officer the chance to examine it. The officers do have the power to shut the machine down until the certificate is made available to them. 
Espresso machines may not look as if they hold a lot of pressure, but trust us, the pressure they do hold is enough to cause very serious harm should a fracture of the boiler or any pipework occur. 
We carry out boiler inspections on most makes of machines so give us a call with your make and model and we'll be able to help you comply with legislation quickly and at an affordable price. 
For a quote, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time, by any means. 
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