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Coffee grinders. 
There are many manufacturers of coffee grinders. CES have picked what we feel are the best light, meduim and heavy duty grinders. Used and maintained correctly and placed in the right situation, you coffee grinder should run for years with very little trouble. 
Timer - turn the timer and the grinder will run for a set time then stop. 
Manual - switch on, switch off. 
Automatic - grinder will start and then switch itself off once the portioner is filed. Automatically restarts when running low. 
On demand - grinder will run only when you need it giving the freshest possible product. 
Light duty - 250 - 350 watt motors. Meduim duty - 400 - 600 watt motors. Heavy duty - 650 - 800 watt motors. 
Heavy duty on demand grinders will grind 14 grams of coffee in under 4 seconds!! 
Cunill. Light duty automatic MC series
Cunill have manufactured entry level espresso grinders for a very long time. Whilst the trend is very much towards the upper end of the market it is accepted that when a budget machine is needed Cunill can and does deliver outstanding results for a grinder in its class. 
Macap. Medium duty automatic MXA. 
Macap. Heavy duty automatic M7A. 
Macap. Light duty automatic M2A
Traditional design with world-leading technology, designed & manufactured in Italy. Now the choice of many leading barista's. Macap's innovative technology dominates the on-demand market sector. 
Macap. Medium duty on demand M5D. 
Macap. Heavy duty on demand M7D. 
Macap. Light duty on demand M2D. 
MACAP presents its first instant grinder-doser with digital programming for the grinding time. The appliance has a rear-lit blue display with double rows to give simple and total controls of 
all the functions. The ideal solution to get thebest from the most precious blends. 
Mazzer. Medium duty Super Jolly auto
Mazzer. Heavy duty Major automatic. 
Mazzer Major automatic
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