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Daily maintenance for your traditional espresso machine. 
Remove any filter holder and swap basket with the blind filter 
Following the instructions on your particular detergent, add the relevant amount of powder to the blind filter (normally 1 teaspoon) 
Lock the filter holder into the 1st group head and start the group head running (jug, star or continuous button) 
Let it run for approx 10 seconds then push stop 
Without removing the filter holder, start the group again 
Repeat this another 10 times 
Remove the filter holder and rinse out what will now be brown gunk 
Important - Lock filter holder back into the 1st group and repeat the process skipping on the powder  
Repeat these steps for any other groups. It's very important the groups are thoroughly rinsed after cleaning with detergent or powder as excess detergent can solidify and jam certain components sometimes resulting in a service engineer being required to rectify the problem. Note: do NOT use bean to cup cleaning tablets on traditional espresso machines. They will not disolve quickly enough and may cause you problems. 
Most traditional espresso machines have an automatic cleaning cycle, get in touch with us and we'll tell you what to do. 
Finally, clean seal around group shower with the cleaning brush. 
If you wipe down your steam arms after every use with a damp cloth, the chrome covering will last the same length of time as the machine itself. Not doing this or soaking them overnight and then rubbing the residue off in the morning will remove the chrome and you will be left with a nice clean machine, and brown copper steam arms. Not a nice sight! The next time you go into a coffee shop, check out the steam arms. Chrome and clean=drinky. Dirty and discoloured=no drinky! 
Hint: If you have a chrome machine like a Brasilia Gradisca for example, the best way to polish the casing is with wet paper towel, followed by dry paper towel using circular motions. NEVER use furniture polish, it's very hard to remove completely. Glass cleaner can also be quite good but always use a soft cloth, not anything abraisive. There's nothing worse than having a lovely looking machine with scratches all over it! 
BE CAREFUL!!!: Failure to clean your machine could cause you problems which may not be covered by any warranty. 
Bean to Cup machines, depending on machine type, usually have an LCD screen with step by step instructions to guide you through the cleaning cycle. If yours dosen't or you have lost the instructions, drop us a line and we'll tell you how to do it. If we don't know, we will shortly. 
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