The Cimbali S20 and all new S15 are super automatic bean to cup machines designed for locations where superior espresso coffee is required but where space is at a premium. The S20 and S15 deliver a complete coffee menu utilizing coffee beans and fresh milk. The quality of the finished beverage is guaranteed by Cimbali's renowned expertise in espresso extraction and by innovative milk foaming devices such as the TurboSteam and the MilkPS. The updated MilkPS system guarantees in cup quality and milk foam texturing never seen before from an automatic machine. Some key features below. 
SMART BOILER - A patented boiler management system, which significantly boosts steam and hot water capacity, thus avoiding production drops during rush hours. 
TURBOSTEAM - A steam wand that simultaneously delivers steam and air, allowing the hands-free heating or foaming of large amounts of milk without manual intervention. 4 options available on the S20 offering 2 hot milk at different temps and 2 foamed milk at different temps and texture. 
MILKPS - The Cimbali MilkPS system allows preparation of cappuccinos and other frothy drinks automatically. A high performance geared pump pushes the fresh milk through the frother. Thanks to the MilkPS system, you can create a pressurised flow to obtain a consistent in-the-cup milk dose. Each milk drink can have different milk temperatures for customer customization. The MilkPS system can be used with either a counter top milk cooler or an under counter full size fridge or similar. The MilkPS system is very hygenic. After every milk drink the entire milk circuit is emptied so no milk is stored in ambient temperatures within the milk system. 
CLEANING - The machine can perform automatic cleaning cycles during normal working hours. The new frother system is by far the easiest to clean on any machine. Total cleaning time for the S20 MilkPS is approx 15 minutes per day. Total cleaning time for the S20 Cafe and the S20 TurboSteam is approx 8 minutes per day. 
MAINTENANCE - Installation, training and all maintenance is provided by CES factory trained engineers. 
La Cimbali S20. 
7 inch touchscreen 
Twin grinders with titanium grindstones 
High output 
Small footprint 
13 amp power required 
Full metal coffee group 
Easy maintenance 
On screen step by step instructions 
Fully automated cleaning system 
Eco mode 
Auto on-off function 
Screensaver showing photos and videos - great for advertising 
Works with on counter or under counter fridge 
La Cimbali S15. 
7 inch touchscreen 
Optional hot chocolate 
Up to 150 drinks per day 
Small footprint 
New brew group design 
User friendly 
Eco mode 
96 drink options 
Works with counter top or under counter fridge 
Two high output grinders 
Automatic washing cycle 
Cimbali M1 Turbosteam. 
Brand new 
Easy to use 
Consistent hot and foamed milk 
Easy automatic clean cycle 
No barista training needed - the Turbosteam does it all for you 
Steel brewer for consistently hot drinks 
Auto on/off cunction 
With warranty £3500 + vat. 
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