There are many manufacturers of coffee grinders. CES have picked what we feel are the best. Used and maintained correctly and placed in the right situation, you coffee grinder should run for years with very little trouble. 
Automatic grinders have a built in portioner. Once activated, the grinder fills this portioner until full then cuts off. As coffee is used, the machine restarts and refills the portioner. 
On demand grinders are the frehest way to grind your coffee. The coffee beans remain in the hopper until needed. At the push of a button, it then grinds to a preset amount, normally controlled though a touchscreen.  
Macap M42D  
The M42D on demand coffee grinder is capable of producing three different preset amounts at the push of a button. These doses take seconds to dispense as does the programming through the touchscreen. The grinder is available in silver or black and promises you a long lifetime of impeccable service.  
3 programmable doses 
Manual dosing aswell 
58mm grinder blades 
2 grams per second output 
Very easy to change doses  
Stepless adjustment system 
1kg hopper 
Fiorenzato F64 
The Fiorenzato F64 is an on demand grinder new to the CES stockroom. Since we started installing these heavy duty grinders, they have been proven to be reliable, easy to use and enjoyed by the end user. Dosage programming is done via the touchscreen as are many other options available. The machine is finished in silver, black or red. All stunning pieces of engineering and expertise. 
2 programmable doses 
Manual dosing aswell 
64 mm grinder blades 
Built in cooling fan keeping blades cool 
Auto maintenance reminder 
Stepless adjustment system 
1.5kg hopper 
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